About Jakarta


Amidst the hustle and bustle of Indonesia’s capital city, Jakarta still can be an exciting destination for your vacation. There are many tourist attractions in the city that will entertain you. You can find numerous interesting things to do in Jakarta by visiting the tourist attractions around.

You can find whatever you want in the city, including various things to do in Jakarta. From shopping malls or grand shopping centers to child-friendly family tours, everything is available in Jakarta. Wanna visit the theme park or indoor aquarium? You can find it in Jakarta too.

Moreover, various national and international events are often held in Jakarta. The city also has complete facilities with integrated public transportation. Nowadays, you can easily go anywhere around the city with Mass Rapid Transportation (MRT) or a busway (TransJakarta).

In addition, Jakarta’s attractiveness is also inseparable from the culinary diversity of the capital’s unique tastes. Try to take a walk in a good pedestrian path while exploring culinary along the way. You’ll completely have a nice holiday in the largest metropolitan city in Indonesia.

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Information About Destination (Place) In Jakarta.

Important Info
  1. You need to prepare an e-toll card or other electronic money that is valid for tollgate payments. This is because you cannot pay cash there. These cards can generally also be used to pay for Jakarta public transportation such as the KRL Commuter Line, TransJakarta and MRT trains. All three of them do not accept cash, debit card, and/or credit card payments.
  2. Most shops, restaurants, and cafes in Jakarta already use e-wallet or cashless and cardless payments, although of course they still apply cash, debit card, and credit card methods. You need to download e-wallet applications to make payments.
  3. Clothes suitable for traveling in Jakarta are short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts or skirts, or brightly colored trousers, and comfortable walking shoes.
  4. Don’t drink tap water in Jakarta because it’s generally not clean to drink.
  5. Do not drive at during hours of leaving and returning from work (07.00 – 09.00 WIB and 17.00 – 19.00 WIB) on weekdays because the traffic will be very jammed. Jakarta’s streets on Saturdays and Sundays are also quite crowded, especially in downtown areas or areas with lots of malls.
  6. Do not litter.
Currency & Time Zone

WIB (GMT+7) / Rupiah (IDR)

Best Time for Coming


The best time to visit Jakarta is between June or September. In these months, Jakarta is experiencing a dry season, so it does not often rain and it’s mostly sunny. In addition, we also recommend visiting Jakarta during the Lebaran holiday, which is celebrated on a large scale in Indonesia. Jakarta consists of many people from outside the city who come to this city to work or study. During this holiday season, many of them return to their hometowns so that Jakarta is quiet and not congested. However, keep in mind, many shops and private stalls are closed during this holiday period. Only national tourist attractions and malls are definitely open.


Jakarta is the centre of exciting and modern festivals that are held every year. The city is the centre of Jakarta Fashion Week every year. Jakarta also hosts cool music events such as DWP (Djakarta Warehouse Project) which is usually held at the end of the year and WTF (We The Fest).

In addition, it is not uncommon for international musicians to hold solo concerts in the city of Jakarta, such as Honne, EXO, Boyz II Men, and The 1975 in 2019, Make sure you buy the tickets on tiket.com for the best price!

How to Get Around

There are many ways to get around in the city of Jakarta. If you want to travel alone with your group, bringing a private car or renting a car is the right choice. Almost all tourist attractions in Jakarta have a large parking area. However, we advise you not to drive during hours of leaving and returning from work (9:00 a.m. and 17:00 to 19:00 p.m.) on a normal day due to traffic jams. If you plan to use the toll road, you also need to prepare an e-toll card to pay the toll money cashless (required).

In addition, you can use TransJakarta buses and KRL Commuter Line trains to get around the city. Both of these transportation routes are quite complete, even reaching as far as the cities of Depok, Bekasi, Tangerang, and Bogor. The TransJakarta bus fare is IDR 3,500 to all routes, while the KRL Commuter Line train fare is IDR 3,000 – IDR 4,000.

Angkot is very easy to find in various corners of Jakarta. This public transportation reaches almost all sides of Jakarta, including areas that are not reached by buses or trains. Generally, people continue their journey after stopping at a bus stop or station with an angkot.

Jakarta also has MRT which has been operating since 2019 and is in the process of adding more routes. The fare is Rp. 2,000 per station. So, the further you take the route using the MRT, the price you pay will also increase.


You will find various types of hotels in Jakarta, ranging from budget to luxury. Most hotels in the South Jakarta or Central Jakarta area are more luxurious, such as the Hotel Mulia Jakarta, Ayana Midplaza Jakarta, and The Ritz-Carlton Jakarta. Hostels, apartments, and budget hotels are more often found outside the area or not in the city center.

No need to worry, you will have no trouble finding suitable accommodations in this city because of the many types it has, ranging from 1 to 5-stars accommodation.

Interesting Place

Jakarta is a metropolitan city in Indonesia that is full of modern shopping centers, complete transportation, iconic buildings, modern museums, tasty food from various regions, and friendly people. Indirectly, Jakarta is a city where various cultures meet, both from other cities in Indonesia and abroad. You can find and try everything here!

There are many tourist attractions in Jakarta for you to choose from. Starting from the theme park with a giant size, modern museums, historic buildings, indoor tourist attractions to cafes and restaurants with cute decorations.

Jakarta is perfect for a visit if you are traveling with a group of friends or with family.

Instagramable Spots

Jakarta always adds its Instagram-able spots every year. However, there are some unique Instagram-able spots that really describe Jakarta that you can visit at any time. The places are the Old City, Batavia Cafe, Rumah Akar, National Monument, PIK Mangrove Forest, City Hall, and colorful walls in Blok M Square.


There are many Betawi foods in Jakarta that you can taste. Call it Soto Betawi, ketoprak, kerak telor, and semur jengkol. In addition to these special foods, Jakarta has also become a home for viral foods that change every time, be it local, international, or a combination of both. Depending on the time of your arrival, the viral food at that time may change. You can rely on social media to follow the updates. Some that are still famous today are geprek chicken (ayam geprek) and boba drinks.

Food prices in Jakarta vary. If you buy food in a simpler restaurant, the price ranges from IDR 30,000 to IDR 50,000 per portion. For food in larger and more luxurious restaurants, you can spend approximately IDR 100,000 up to IDR 170,000 per portion.


Vegan / Vegetarian Food

As a modern and metropolitan city, vegan or vegetarian food is easy to find in Jakarta. From affordable to more luxurious ones, you can find them all here. You can even find it in a modern mall though. Call it Dharma Kitchen, Loving Hut, and Burgreens Eatery.


Jakarta is famous as a city with abundant shopping centers. For malls, we recommend Grand Indonesia, Plaza Indonesia, Plaza Senayan, Senayan City, Taman Anggrek Mall, and Pondok Indah Mall. You can find various famous brands here.

For more affordable shopping, you can visit Tanah Abang shopping center, ITC Mangga Dua, and Thamrin City.

Electrical Socket

The plug type in Jakarta is type C / F. This type has 2 round pins. This type is usually also used in Europe. So if you’re from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, UK, or one of the countries in Africa, you will most likely need an adaptor.