About Surabaya


Are you looking for some popular tourist attractions in Surabaya? This City of Heroes, which is the capital of East Java Province, has various interesting attractions around the area.

Surabaya is a metropolitan city that is part of the Gerbangkertosusila area. Being the biggest city in East Java, you can enjoy and experience a lot of new things during your holiday.

Apart from that, Surabaya is also a port city. The big port in this city is Tanjung Perak Harbor. Additionally, Surabaya also has Juanda International Airport. For land transportation, Surabaya has the largest inter-city bus terminal in Southeast Asia called the Purabaya Terminal. Want to go to Surabaya by train? There are two nearby stations from the city. So, it’s all up to your choice of what transportation you want to choose to get to Surabaya.

Surabaya has a lot of tourist charm that you can enjoy. Whether you want to go to the malls, large shopping centers, or try out delectable culinary, Surabaya offers you an authentic experience of East Java.

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Important Info
  1. Clothes suitable for traveling in Surabaya are short-sleeved T-shirts, shorts or skirts, and shoes or sandals. Because the weather tends to be hot, you are advised to bring an umbrella, sunglasses, and sunscreen.
  2. Tap water in Surabaya is not for drinking.
Currency & Time Zone

WIB (GMT+7) / Rupiah (IDR)

Best Time for Coming


Like other cities in Indonesia, there are only 2 seasons in Surabaya, the rainy and dry seasons. For maximum tourism in the city, the best time to visit is between May and September. During these months, the weather is generally sunny and rarely rainy. However, keep in mind sometimes the weather can be quite hot in these months.


As the City of Heroes, there are many festivals that you can attend in certain months. The first is the Parade Juang which is usually held every November 10, National Heroes’ Day. Located at Tugu Pahlawan, at this event, there will be theater performances, music, and performances from talented young people. As the name suggests, this event carries the historical theme of heroism and the fight of the citizens of Surabaya against the allies in 1945.

There is also the Surabaya Cross Culture International Folk and Art Festival. If you like the runway culture costumes section at the Miss Universe event, you will definitely like this event too. In this event, hundreds of artists from various countries, including from Indonesia, will parade in Jalan Tunjungan wearing the best traditional costumes. In addition to this parade, there will be many other exciting activities for about 5 days, such as planting trees together and BBQ parties.

How to Get There

The easiest and fastest way to get to Surabaya is by:


Surabaya has Juanda International Airport which serves domestic and international flights. If you will come from a city far enough or from outside Indonesia, order airplane tickets to Surabaya on to facilitate your trip. As a large city, many flights to Surabaya from various cities are available.


Surabaya is also easy to reach by bus, even if you depart from a distant city, like Jakarta. There are many bus terminals that can be your choice of destination, such as Kota Surabaya, Hangtuah Street, and Perak Terminal. The fee varies, depending on the distance you travel. Traveling from a city that is close enough, like Malang, will cost around IDR 120,000 per person.


If you are going to go to Surabaya from other big cities on Java, like Jakarta, Bandung, and Malang, then the train can be the right mode of transportation. PT KAI provides many trains with Surabaya as the final destination from various cities. Classes that you can choose also vary, ranging from economics, business, executive, to Sleeper.


As a metropolitan city, Surabaya has many luxurious and comfortable accommodations. If this is the accommodation you are looking for, you will have no trouble finding it. Generally, these hotels have complete facilities, including swimming pools, and are located in the city center. However, if you are looking for budget accommodation, Surabaya also has quite a lot of this type of accommodation. You will still get a comfortable and clean room even though the price is much lower.

Interesting Place

Surabaya is the second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta.

Located in East Java, Surabaya is one of the metropolitan cities that becomes the main destination for travelers who like to travel in big cities.Attractions in Surabaya are very diverse, you really can find it all here. Starting from the natural attractions, water parks, shopping centers, to historic locations. Of course you also have a culinary tour here. Surabaya’s typical food is generally not much different from the typical dishes of other cities in Indonesia. But of course, there are different spices and cooking methods to make the taste is unique.

In addition, its strategic location makes it easy for you to visit other nearby tourist cities without having to spend a lot of time and money. The most popular cities to visit from Surabaya are Banyuwangi and Malang. While the natural attraction that is also easily reached from Surabaya is Mount Bromo.

Surabaya is suitable as a family vacation destination or a large group tour.

Instagramable Spots

Surabaya has a number of natural attractions as unique Instagram-able spots, such as Kebun Bibit Wonorejo, Kenjeran Park, and Kenjeran Beach. Like several cities in Indonesia, Surabaya also has its own colorful villages that you can visit for beautiful photos, namely the Colorful Villages of Bulak (Kampung Warna-Warni Bulak). Apart from that, of course the iconic Surabaya Statue is included in this list.


There are many delicious foods in Surabaya that you must try. The first is the rujak cingur, which is a regular salad mixed with rice cake, tau, bean sprouts, and cingur (beef nose). Then there is tahu tek of Surabaya. This food contains tofu, rice cake, and bean sprouts which are then doused with petis seasoning. Like many cities in the Java region, pecel rice is also famous in this city. Pecel rice is a portion of rice mixed with a variety of vegetables and then smothered in delicious pecel seasoning. Guaranteed full with one serving!

These foods can be found in various corners of the city, so the price is also quite affordable.

Vegan / Vegetarian Food

Surabaya has many vegetarian restaurants, although not as many in Bali or other cities abroad. Generally, vegetarian food here is Chinese food or Indonesian food. Some restaurants that you can try are O-Mushroom, Fortunate Coffee, Loving Hut, and Nature Vegetarian.


Surabaya is often referred to as a shopping paradise, especially if you are looking for large malls that sell branded goods. Some cool malls for shopping are Tunjungan Plaza, Galaxy Mall, and Ciputra World Surabaya. In addition to large malls, Surabaya also has many other shopping centers with more affordable goods, such as Pasar Atom, Pusat Grosir Surabaya, and Pasar Turi.

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