Surakarta (Solo)

About Solo


Surakarta, located at the confluence of the northern coastline of Java (Semarang) and the southern coastline of Java (Yogyakarta) has strategic position. Therefore, the city has become a transit city and a place of tourist arrivals from outside Surakarta. In addition, Surakarta is also supported by the diversity of interesting tourism potential such as heritages tourism (cultural heritages and traditional values), historical tourism, shopping tourism, and culinary tourism.

In general, the area of tourism in Surakarta spread among districts, including: (i) the tourist area of cultural heritages, history and traditional values lies in Laweyan, Banjarsari, and Pasar Kliwon; (ii) shopping tourism regions include batik shopping area located in Pasar Kliwon and Laweyan while antiques shopping are in Banjarsari and Pasar Kliwon; and (iii) the tourist area of culinary centers spread all over the city.

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Information About Destination (Place) In Solo.

Important Info
  1. Better not to wear clothes that are too open. Wear short-sleeved shirts, knee-length pants or trousers, knee-length or long skirts, and comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Take off your shoes when you are about to enter a local resident’s house, a place of worship, and / or a holy place.
  3. Tap water in Solo is not for drinking.
  4. Take care of your attitude and words when visiting sacred and historic sites.
Currency & Time Zone

WIB (GMT+7) / Rupiah (IDR)

Best Time for Coming


The best time to visit Solo is in the middle of the year, which is the dry season. This is because there are many activities and tourist attractions in Solo that you cannot visit during the rainy season.


Solo is part of a tropical country that only experiences two seasons, there is no drastic change in temperature. Throughout the year, the average temperature here is around 27 ° C (80.6 ° F).


There is a unique tradition, namely Kirab Pusaka 1 Suro. the event was organized by the Surakarta Palace and Puro Mangkunegaran on the evening before Suro 1 st. This event is intended to celebrate the Javanese New Year 1 Suro. The route taken is approximately 3 km. The heirlooms with magical power were brought by the palace servants dressed in Jawi Jangkep. The ringleader in the front is a group of Kebo Bule named Kyai Slamet while the line of heirlooms is behind him, the most unique thing is when this kebo bule emits dirt, then people will fight over each other to get this kebo bule. He said, can bring blessings. His name is also trust. Do you believe it or not?

How to Get There

The easiest and fastest way to get to Solo is by:

The plane

If you depart from abroad or outside of Java, this is the best way to reach Solo. The main airport in this city is Adi Soemarmo International Airport (SOC).

The bus

The bus terminal in Solo is Tirtonadi in the city center. There are regular services from all major cities in Java, including Jakarta, Bandung and Surabaya.

The train 

The inter-city train system on the island of Java is quite good with complete routes. For that, if you depart from another city on the island of Java, you can travel by train for a more affordable rate. If you depart from Jakarta, the trip time is around 8-9 hours to the main station Solo is Solo Balapan Station. Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga trains are the best, the fastest of the other trains, and also the most comfortable. The ticket price is around IDR 350,000 up to IDR 500,000. All of these trains are regular trains that connect Solo and Jakarta in 8-9 hours, both during the day or night.


Solo has many hotel choices ranging from 2 to 5 stars that offer minimalist and comfortable rooms, complete facilities, and strategic location.

Interesting Place

One main tourist attraction of Surakarta is the Keraton Surakarta, the palace of Susuhunan Pakubuwono, also the Princely Javanese court of Mangkunegaran. Pasar Gede market is often visited by tourists, mostly for its unique architecture and fame as the biggest traditional market in the Solo area. The Pasar Klewer is famous for its batiks in all prices and qualities, while the Pasar Triwindhu located near Mangkunegaran palace specialises in antiques. Taman Sriwedari is a popular local entertainment park featuring a children’s playground, dangdut music performance and Wayang Wong traditional Javanese dance performance almost every night. Near the park is Radyapustaka Museum, one of the oldest museums in Indonesia, with a collection of Javanese cultural artefacts. The traditional batik village of Laweyan and Kampung Batik Kauman, located in the southwest part of the city and the city centre respectively, are famous for producing fine quality Javanese batik.

Instagramable Spots

Mangkunegaran Palace is one of two palace complexes in Solo, it’s not too large when compared to the palace of Solo. But even though it is not as big as a solo palace, the area looks clean and the building is well maintained.

The entire area of ​​the Mangkunegaran palace is still in its original condition and is well maintained, so for fans of the architecture tour this is a mandatory visit if you are in the city of Solo. Starting from the pavilion, to the Keputren area there are many instagramable spots (except Mangkunegaran museum which is forbidden to be photographed).

Tips: visit on Wednesday, then we can see a dance performance organized by the Mangkunegaran


Surakarta is also well known by the city of keplek ilat, meaning that the city is famous for the various types of delicous cuisines to indulge the food travellers. Some of the culinary described as follows; Tengkleng (kind of soup dishes with the ingredient of legs and bones of goat.) Gudeg, Nasi Liwet, Timlo, Sate Buntel, Sate Kere & Bestik

As listed the distribution of culinary tourism in Surakarta Banjarsari District has seven kinds of local foods of Surakarta, namely: Tengkleng Bu Joko Dlidir, Gudeg Ceker Bu Kasno, Nasi Liwet Bu Wongso Lemu, Timlo Sastro, Sate Buntel Tambak Segaran, Intip Pringgading Gift Store Solo, and Wedang Dongo Keprabon. Serengan District has three culinary tourism destinations: Selat Mbak Lies, Serabi Notosuman and Intip Singosaren Gisft Store. Jebres District has five culinary destinations such as: Tengkleng Gedhe Markets, Timlo Solo Restaurant, Intip Gift store at Orion Bread, Tahok and Ice Dawet Ayu Telasih Gedhe Market. Pasar Kliwon District has two culinary destinations namely Sate Buntel Haji Bejo or Sate Buntel Pak Narto and Soto Gading. Laweyan District has two culinary destinations namely Sate Kere Yu Rebi and Bestik Pak Mangun.


Solo is one of the favorite destinations for shopping lovers because it has many shopping centers for various needs. Starting from the market, wholesale center, so many are available to pamper your shopping desires. Well, for those of you who plan to vacation to Solo in the near future, here is a list of recommendations for shopping and malls in Solo that you must visit. Solo Grand Mall, The Park Mall, Hartono Mall, Solo Paragon, Solo Square, Solo Wholesaler Center (PGS), Klewer Market, Gede & Triwindu Market.

Electrical Socket

The plug type in Solo is type C / F. This type has 2 round pins. This type is usually also used in Europe. So if you’re from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, UK, or one of the countries in Africa, you will most likely need an adaptor.