About Semarang


Who says tourist attractions in Semarang are limited? You only need to explore further, because there are so many interesting destinations you can visit. Semarang is more than just a stopover city, and this 5th largest city in Indonesia is unique and exciting.

Semarang has an area of ​​392 square kilometers, and it’s a connecting city between Jakarta and Surabaya along with others in the direction of Solo and Yogyakarta. Based on history, the word “Semarang” is derived from the word “sem” or “tamarind tree,” and the word “arang” means “rarely” in Indonesian. Legend has it that Ki Ageng Pandanaran I’s journey stopped in the Tirang Island area. He then discovered the presence of tamarind trees that grew in a gap or sparse distance. Now, the existence of these trees is increasingly rare and difficult to find. Another story reveals that Semarang was once included in the territory of the Ancient Mataram Kingdom.

The majority of the area was a sea surrounded by small islands. The deposition that continued occurring made the group of islands finally united and formed new land. The port was once in the Pasar Bulu area and was the place where Admiral Cheng Ho’s ship docked.

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Important Info
  1. Better not to wear clothes that are too open. Wear short-sleeved shirts, knee-length pants or trousers, knee-length or long skirts, and comfortable walking shoes.
  2. Take off your shoes when you are about to enter a local resident’s house, a place of worship, and / or a holy place.
  3. Tap water in Semarang is not for drinking.
  4. Take care of your attitude and words when visiting sacred and historic sites.
Currency & Time Zone

WIB (GMT+7) / Rupiah (IDR)

Best Time for Coming


The best time to visit Semarang is in the middle of the year, which is the dry season. This is because there are many activities and tourist attractions in Semarang that you cannot visit during the rainy season.


Because Semarang is part of a tropical country that only experiences two seasons, there is no drastic change in temperature. Throughout the year, the average temperature here is around 27 ° C (80.6 ° F).


Semarang is home to a variety of exciting annual festivals. One of them is the Semarang Night Carnival in which there are parades of typical or custom clothing from various regions or carnival participants. Then there is also a Dugder which is held to welcome the coming of Ramadan every year. During Chinese New Year (early years), there is a Chinese Culture Festival. You will see a variety of Chinese cultural attractions starting from Wayang Po Tay Hee, Liang Liong, to the Lion Dance in the area of ​​Semarang’s Chinatown

How to Get There

The easiest and fastest way to get to Semarang is by:

The plane

If you depart from abroad or outside of Java, this is the best way to reach Semarang. The main airport in this city is Achmad Yani International Airport (SRG).

The bus

The bus terminal in Semarang is Mangkang, which is about 5 km west of the city center. There are regular services from all major cities in Java, including Jakarta (6 hours drive), Bandung (4.5-5 hours drive), and Surabaya (4-4.5 hours drive).

The train

The inter-city train system on the island of Java is quite good with complete routes. For that, if you depart from another city on the island of Java, you can travel by train for a more affordable rate. If you depart from Jakarta, the travel time is around 6-7 hours to Semarang’s main station, Tawang Station. The Argo Muria and Argo Sindoro trains are the best, the fastest of the other trains, and also the most comfortable. You can also take the Tawang Jaya or Manoreh trains, which cost around IDR 100,000 up to IDR 3,75,000. All these trains are regular trains that connect Semarang and Jakarta in 6-7 hours, both in the daytime


Semarang has a large selection of hotels ranging from 2 to 5 stars that offer minimalist and comfortable rooms, complete facilities, and strategic location.

Interesting Place

Broadly speaking, Semarang is a fusion of business and service cities, beautiful natural surroundings and a number of historical relics. You can visit Lawang Sewu, Belenduk Church and the Old Town area for historical tours. As for nature tourism, visit the Marina Beach, Goa Kreo, and the Bandungan Area.

Instagramable Spots

Semarang has many outdoor locations that you can visit to collect cool tourist photos. Some of these are the Old Town Region, Lawang Sewu, Sam Poo Kong, Celosia Flower Park, Ayana, Gumuk Reco or the Railway Museum


You can easily find a variety of delicious local food. Call it Loenpia (containing bamboo shoots / young bamboo, which is served with sweet onion sauce), Wingko (sticky rice mixture and baked), Chicken Rice (similar to Solo liwet rice, containing warm rice served with various side dishes).

Vegan / Vegetarian Food

The vegan and vegetarian community in Semarang is quite a lot and tourists from various backgrounds often visit this city. Even though it’s not yet available in a food stall or in all areas of the city, you still won’t have any trouble finding a variety of vegan and vegetarian restaurants and cafes here. The food is served ranging from local specialties to international food without meat.


There are many shopping centers in the city, ranging from large malls to street markets. For malls, you can shop at Paragon Mall, Ciputra Mall, Java Mall & DP Mall. These malls generally contain local shops, restaurants, bookstores, cinemas and department stores. As for shopping for local handicrafts, one of them is Kampung Batik (A large residential complex with typical Semarangan Batik collections).

Electrical Socket

The plug type in Semarang is type C / F. This type has 2 round pins. This type is usually also used in Europe. So if you’re from Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, Canada, Australia, UK, or one of the countries in Africa, you will most likely need an adaptor.