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Comfortable Activity and Journey.

Everyone, including you, has the right to enjoy safe and comfortable transportation services, including for short-term travel needs. We provide daily vehicle rental services for all your activities. Vacation, business trips outside the city, and daily mobility becomes more enjoyable. All our services are guaranteed safe, comfortable, with access to online reservations that can be accessed at any time. You can place an order online through our website.

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Daily Rent Car


Airport Transfers (Shuttle)

Daily Rentcar


There are times when you need to travel within the city, even out of town with family, colleagues, friends or for solo traveling. Or, your car is being serviced, while you still need a vehicle that is as comfortable as your own car for daily mobility.

Take it easy, We are ready to serve your diverse transportation needs every time with Daily Car Rental. Our extensive network can reach you even further. Choose the service that best suits your needs:


Self Drive

Be free to go anywhere and be free to arrange your travel time with a free car key rental. Take it easy, your security is maintained with guaranteed prime car condition and travel insurance. Choose a 12 hour or 24 hour rental package with the option of additional time or out-of-town trips according to your needs.


Chauffeur (driver) Service

Want to sit back and enjoy the ride without having to drive your own car ? Take advantage of car rental with our Chauffeur (driver) service. This service includes car rental, driver services, travel insurance, gas, tolls and parking fees. Our reliable driver will pick you up and take you to your destination by prioritizing punctuality as well as friendly and professional service. Choose a package according to your needs: 4 hours or 12 hours.