Corporate Rentcar

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A well-managed and efficient transportation system is one factor of business success.

However, we understand that each company are not always the same, thus requiring transportation solutions that are specifically designed. Therefore, we have provided a variety of contract-based transportation solutions with a minimum cooperation period of one year. We are ready to support your business with guaranteed safe, comfortable and scalable services.

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Corporate Rentcar


Operating Lease


Chauffeur Service

Corporate Rent Car

Does your company need transportation for employee operations based on daily usage? Corporate Car Rental allows you to rent a car only when you need it.


Flexible duration

Each car can be adjusted to the duration of usage that you need. The minimum duration of use is 4 hours and can be added at any time according to your needs.


Online reservation 

Car reservations can be made online from anywhere.


Manage usage 

You can arrange for yourself who has access to place an order, for the needs of employees or important guests.


Periodic analysis 

We will also help you analyze transportation usage based on periodic report results to make it easier for you to do cost efficiency.