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LOKANANTA coming from combination of two (2) Sanskrit namely LOKA (World) and ANANTA (Unlimited).

LOKANANTA = World Without Borders (Without limits on purpose, destination, age, SARA, etc)

LOKANANTA – Transport & Rentcar is a subsidiary of Griya Kreasi Persada PT, which provides a comprehensive transportation solution service. We are one of the benchmarking companies at the Provincial (regional) level in Central Java that provides transportation and rent car services.

Since its establishment in 2014, we have tried to develop products and services. Starting from renting only two cars, we have now developed into a regional benchmarking company in the field of transportation solutions that manages many vehicles, consisting of cars, motorbikes and buses.

We also understand that the needs of the community are growing. Increased mobility demands time efficiency. Companies need transportation solutions to support business activities, as well as the general public need safe and comfortable transportation in every activity.

We can be a practical solution for companies and individuals. We not only provide vehicle rentals, the services we offer can be tailored to your needs. We realize that each customer has its own uniqueness so it needs different services. Customer satisfaction is our main mission because LOKANANTA wants to be with you.

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